Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Five Things that you probably didn't know about me

Here are some random things I bet you don't know about me. Some of you are prone to have this private information, but for the rest of you, read on.

5. I am a BIG introvert.

On the Meyers-Briggs test, I manage to score a 76% introversion. Of course, this is definatly more trouble than it is worth, as I am pretty much impossible to get a straight look in the eyes from (Unless, of course, you are a pretty girl, but I won't go into that)

4. I managed to gain some autistic traits.

While researching for a paper on autism (in english of all subjects), I found out something very interesting about myself. My sister is mildly autistic, anbecause she was, I picked up some traits of introversion, social akwardness, and other symptoms. I also picked up some traits for ADD, as I have an entire one friend who does not have ADD (Though the number should be two, but I am convinced that one is undiagnosed).

P.S. I still haven't finished the paper.

3. I am afraid of getting my house broken into.

This is pretty serious. I have been convinced of criminals in my house, killing me for no real reason, and running away. I have limited myself to stay in rooms, through hunger, thrist, and boredom just because of this fear. It has gotten less, but I still lock my door at night.

2. I am afraid of the sound my alarm clock makes

After a school year of using my alarm clock, everytime I hear a buzzing like it, I try to put an end to the noise. It is horrible, and gives me shudders. It isn't an all-out phobia, but please do not put any kind of buzzing near me or I will strangle you.

I really gets me out of bed, though.

1. I have no idea what color my eyes are.

In all honesty, I really don't. Every child I ask says something different, from green to hazel to blue to grey. To complicate things further, up close my eyes look greener and farther away they look blue. Personally, I believe they are grey and reflect my surroundings, but until I get it checked out, I'll never know.

Well, those are five odd things about me. Any wuestions about other wierd things about me? Drop them here.

Your favorite little nerd in the corner,


Monday, April 5, 2010



This is Nessie here, and I decided to have my own little piece of the web. I am not quite sure waht this blog will be for, but I suppose I'll put my takes on the roller coaster industry (my passion), some writing (another passion), RCT and NoLimits (you get the idea...), movie reviews, novel reviews, demotivational posters, family matters, schoolwork, and other various things that I feel like.

Who am I? I really don't enjoy saying everything right here, right now, but if you'll ask questions on this blog, I'll be happy to answer them. I'm guessing, however, that you probably know me if you are currently on this blog. Hi. If you don't, I guess I acheived fame.

Your soon-to-be favorite nerd in the corner,